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Twenty Years of Preservation Efforts in San Diego - 1973
By Kathleen Flanigan

President Carol Lindemulder
Vice President Terry Recht
Secretary Thelma White
Treasurer Bill Cartwright
Harry Evans
Keith Evans
Bruce Kamerling
Lynn Kaplan
Kay Nicholas
Pat Teaze
Barry Worthington

The second "Train Ride Into Yesterday" left the Santa Fe Depot at 7 a.m. on Saturday, May 25, and scurried into Los Angeles for a tour of Olvera Street, the Huntington Gallery, and various L.A. historic landmarks. Prices for the event ranged from $15.50 to $20.00.

On June 11, history was made in more than one way as two-term President, Barry Worthington, presented a check for $2500 to County Supervisor Jack Walsh for the final payment on the $5000 loan. Supervisor Walsh emphasized that, "It is very unusual for someone to give the County something. Usually they're asking. Also, it's not often that a group pays its debts to the County. Now that this debt has been repaid, we can work toward a house for headquarters."

Carol Lindemulder, elected president in September, promised "more action" for the four-year-old organization. She said, "We will look far and wide for more historic homes to preserve for posterity." She planned a series of fun fund-raising events.

Lindemulder staged a "Fantastic Fundraiser and Block Party at the soon-to-be-demolished Land and Title Building on Broadway on November 17. She hoped to stimulate interest in as well as raise funds for the organization. According to Lindemulder, "On that rainy night, 600 people packed themselves into a derelict building turned cabaret to hear fantastic jazz, a rock band, a guitarist, and some great Dixieland music. There was dancing, a gambling casino with handsome croupiers, and lovely, leggy girls selling script. The two bars were overflowing and the straw hat bartenders included some of San Diego's leading citizens. There was a lively antiques auction and an incredible funky fashion show. All the Press was there and a Who's Who in San Diego redevelopment."

Even the Vice Squad came, and when the group was asked for its bar license, Lindemulder discovered she had left it at home. After a grueling drive through the stormy evening, she finally produced the yellow slip of paper, which "legalized" the event.

A more sedate fundraiser featured a tour of more than 100 historic structures in a three-hour period on December 9 and December 13. Buildings entered included the Villa Montezuma, the Quartermass-Wilde mansion, the Horton Hotel and the Sport Palace Bar. People questioned the inclusion of a bar. According to Mrs. Philip Kaplan, tour chairman, "It's a kind of a campy place to walk into. Once it was the longest bar in town; they've made two out of it now. The ceilings are twenty-five feet high; the walls are covered with photographs of stage and motion picture celebrities, famous jockeys and horses. It's like walking back thirty or forty years in time to walk into the Sport Palace Bar."




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