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Legal Defense Fund

SOHO is urgently seeking donations to fight the immediate threat of loss of the only two tools for protecting the historic resources of San Diego City and County, the historic designation process and the Mills Act.

SOHO has retained the top CEQA Attorney in California to represent the organization, and by extension, the San Diego community at large. The defense will cost tens of thousands of dollars and is ultimately expected to exceed $100,000. All donated funds will go towards defraying the costs of defending our historic resources.

By assisting SOHO with the funds required to fight and win this precedent-setting case, SOHO will help to affirm and maintain our only preservation incentive and the laws that are currently being attacked by developers and City officials.

SOHO has a strong track record in defending these cases and has prevailed in the vast majority of our action. Proceeds from this drive will be used to support this effort and all future SOHO projects and initiatives seeking to improve and educate fellow citizens about the benefits of preserving our heritage.

As land becomes scarce due to overdevelopment and density in the urban cores reaches its limits, San Diego's historic neighborhoods have never been under greater pressure. SOHO must be prepared financially for future legal battles involving the erosion of protective measures for historic resources in San Diego City and County.

Nothing less than the survival of the historic and cultural heritage of the San Diego region is at risk. Contribute generously.

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