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SDCCU Stadium
Mission Valley

Voters may be casting ballots on the uncertain future of San Diego Stadium (its original name), but many do not know that this sports magnet is one of the few mid-century designed, multi-purpose stadiums to remain standing in the United States. Designed by Frank L. Hope Associates, a leading San Diego firm for decades, the stadium opened in 1967 as home to the San Diego Chargers, San Diego Padres, and San Diego State University Aztecs football team. Innovative design features include the pre-cast concrete, pre-wired light towers, and spiral concrete pedestrian ramps. The novel form of the stadium (eight concentric circles) provides excellent sight lines. For these and other features, the stadium received an American Institute of Architects Honor Award in 1969 for outstanding design --- the first such national award for a San Diego building and a United States stadium. The City of San Diego must find a way to reuse this iconic, adaptable, and award-winning Modern monument. Equally important, we need to save this building instead of dumping untold tons of concrete into our landfills. Preserving and adapting the stadium would be a win-win in sports history and for sustainability.

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Vintage image, c. 1969. Courtesy Coons collection

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