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Granger Hall

Granger Music Hall is deteriorating through long-term neglect and severe deferred maintenance. National City must invest in relocating the hall, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, to its permanent home, near Pepper Park, and commit to rehabilitation immediately. Originally built for private concerts and to house Colorado silver magnate Ralph Granger's important violin collection, Granger Hall was first located at his Paradise Valley estate, then moved to East Fourth Street in 1969. Granger hired Irving J. Gill, San Diego's now acclaimed early Modernist architect, for this unusual commission, completed in 1898. Gill employed his knowledge of acoustics from his earlier work in Chicago to achieve outstanding results when he designed the original 19' x 36' room, and two later additions. Another important feature is the 75-foot ceiling mural with musical Greek gods and cherubs painted on linen by New York artist D. Samman. The hall also contains a large pipe organ, with an intricately carved fretwork grille of kiln-dried cedar covering the organ. National City must rejuvenate this unique and rare historic resource so that music can once again be heard in the acoustically perfect, Gill-designed Granger Music Hall.

Courtesy Library of Congress

Courtesy San Diego History Center

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