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Balboa Park

Internationally renowned Balboa Park remains on SOHO's Most Endangered List because its historic buildings, gardens and vast cultural landscapes are in dire need of long-deferred maintenance. In addition, large museums, such as the San Diego Museum of Art and Museum of Man, are said to be overdue for earthquake retrofitting. SOHO calls on the City of San Diego to focus its efforts on these pressing needs, not on an $80 million dollar bridge-and-parking garage boondoggle that will destroy the park's historic core. Structural engineer, Tony Court has warned the city and museum officials that San Diego Museum of Art and Museum of Man are in danger of loss along with their priceless collections unless they are seismically retrofitted. The City should pledge the $80 plus million toward the estimated $500 million needed for crucial park repairs and earthquake safety. The bridge to nowhere project, an unnecessary, car-centric plan, will decimate Palm Canyon, adversely impact the tranquil Alcazar Garden and irreversibly harm the iconic Cabrillo Bridge. Instead of tearing down the park's historic character, the City must build it up by implementing desperately needed, long-term maintenance and retrofitting so that this National Historic Landmark District and its rich cultural landscapes can delight and inform generations to come.

Historic photos courtesy Coons Collection; current day photos by Sandé Lollis


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