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Wonder Bread Building
171 14th Street

SOHO's 2007 landmark Warehouse District settlement agreement saved 10 buildings within nine city blocks, and, as predicted, those industrialized blocks of San Diego's East Village are now thriving businesses and residences prized for their historic character and gritty authenticity. The same weak arguments in 2007 that would have had the public believe that a new ballpark was more important than some old, dilapidated warehouses would have demolished the Western Metal Supply Co. building, Showley Candy Factory, and Levi Wholesale Grocery Co., among others. As foolish then as they are today, wannabe stadium developers are threatening the brick Wonder Bread building. This outstanding and appealing example of early 20th-century San Diego would be wiped out if a new stadium were built as proposed. The Chargers even have the impudence to suggest a façadectomy would be acceptable as mitigation for demolition. That's not the way to honor an 1897 structure that has grown over the decades to become four interconnected buildings under the famed Wonder Bread banner, and it certainly goes against any climate action best practice. An outstanding example of adaptive reuse, the complex is the current home of Mission Brewery, humming with activity and contributing to San Diego's urban culture and economy. That the Wonder Bread building would even be considered for demolition is senseless and highlights the City's and the Chargers' lackluster vision. Save Wonder Bread

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