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Hillcrest Commercial Core

The heart of Hillcrest is known for its bohemian vibe and LGBTQ-friendly society among walkable urban blocks of shops, eateries, bars, a movie theater, and a few apartment buildings. Most structures are only one or two stories tall and neighborhood character is rooted in a variety of architectural styles such as Mission Revival and Art Deco. This bustling area owes its commercial pedigree to early streetcar lines and the two expositions in nearby Balboa Park, which brought waves of residential development in need of services. Now, a group of commercial property owners has formed the Uptown Gateway Council to lobby for a 200-foot-height limit so they can build high-rises that would dwarf most of Hillcrest and eliminate its rich past. These developers would scrape and redevelop entire blocks of this dense community, robbing Hillcrest of its character, historic resources, and LGBTQ history. They have sent out flyers and letters using scare tactics, and littered with untruths.

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Historic photos courtesy Vintage San Diego, current day photos by Sandé Lollis



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