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Michels-Carey House

Michels-Carey HouseOn Friday, May 29, once city offices had closed for the weekend, the haphazard destruction of the Michels-Carey House took place at the corner of El Cajon Blvd. and Florida Street, in less than 30 minutes. City staff did attempt to correct their mistake in issuing the demolition permit and went to the site with a stop work order, but wood debris was all that remained. Not only was there no environmental abatement, but HG Fenton, the developers who had pulled the permits to construct a 130-unit project, had learned that Friday morning that the State Office of Historic Preservation had accepted a nomination for its designation and this would be heard at their next meeting. As a note of encouragement after the heartless disregard for this historic site and the LGBTQ community, San Diego has just been awarded funding to complete a San Diego LBGTQ Historic Context Statement! This survey project will identify buildings in specific neighborhoods that represent an evolution of the LGBTQ community.

Demolition of the Michels-Carey House

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