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2014 Most Endangered List
of Historic Resources

Historic resources create a distinct sense of place and a sense of well-being. Preservation of these assets contributes to our quality of life, aesthetically, emotionally, and even has positive effects on our health. Amazingly, though study after study has proven these significant benefits to our daily existence, many historic buildings and sites continue to be threatened or lost forever. By increasing public awareness and encouraging action to save our heritage, SOHO has a very good track record of reducing the number of major losses throughout the county. The Most Endangered List is no lightweight wringing of hands. Publicizing this list, as SOHO has done for more than a quarter of a century, helps everyone, from all of you to politicians and civic groups, to focus and take action on the most significant buildings and places that are imminently at-risk.

The semi-good news is that no building or site named on last year's list has been lost. They remain under SOHO's watchful eye, as we monitor their condition, situations and prospects for acceptable outcomes, and seek new ways to advocate for their preservation.

As for the 2014 Most Endangered List, you'll find it includes a total of thirteen sites - eleven carried over from past years and two new ones.

SOHO's job is to make sure our historically important buildings and sites survive in great part so that San Diego's story, our story, can be told completely, without significant gaps. We need your help to be successful. If you are not a member, join today, if you are a member, get a friend to join. Our historic places matter, together we can save San Diego's endangered sites.

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