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1897 St. Luke's Chapel

1897 St. Luke's ChapelSt. Luke's Chapel, the oldest building in North Park is also threatened. Historians maintain this small 1897 Mission Revival-style building was designed by the prominent San Diego architecture firm of Hebbard & Gill for All Saints Episcopal Church based on design hallmarks and the men's church membership. All Saints moved the chapel from Hillcrest to North Park in 1924 to serve as a mission (or satellite) for its rapidly expanding congregation. During the 1950s, St. Luke's Church was built next to the chapel, which now stands boarded up, deteriorating and dark.

The diocese, and not the local church, is responsible for the site and may be considering razing the chapel and a few other old buildings on their property to make way for likely use as a parking lot or other development. SOHO urges the Episcopal diocese to take the boards off this chapel and restore it and make it a vital part of any new plans.

Photo by Sandé Lollis


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