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Red Roost and Red Rest Bungalows

The objects of SOHO's longest running battle are the 1894 Red Roost and Red Rest bungalows in La Jolla, which stand on a hillside overlooking La Jolla Cove, and are emblematic California-style redwood, single-wall construction cottages. They were built when La Jolla was just beginning to court tourists and was attracting art colonies. For more than a quarter of a century, SOHO has advocated for the preservation of these simple cottages, through restoration and adaptive reuse. SOHO also has repeatedly urged the city of San Diego to enforce its own preservation laws, which require maintenance of designated landmarks such as these. Still, the owners persist in letting the cottages deteriorate, cloaked in huge tarps covering their leaky roofs. Nothing seems to deter the owners from their shameful and illegal process of "demolition by neglect."

Photo by Jim Brady


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