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2013 Most Endangered List
of Historic Resources

Historic buildings, landscapes and sites contribute to a distinct sense of place and provide a priceless record of our shared heritage. Historic places in our cities, the backcountry, and the desert or across the border, are threatened each year, or worse, lost forever. SOHO has significantly reduced the number of major losses in our region through preemptive negotiations, advocacy, public awareness and education. The Most Endangered List, now in its 26th year, has proven to be a valuable tool in encouraging urgently needed preservation action.

If you follow the Most Endangered List, you know that the number of sites shrinks or swells depending on the year. Released during National Preservation Month, this year's list includes 13 sites, five of which are new this year and eight remain from the previous years as yet unresolved and still in eminent danger.

Twelve of the thirteen items on the 2013 Most Endangered List are buildings and sites that embody the diversity and richness of San Diego County history. The first item on the list: the municipal trend toward overturning historic designations for the owner's convenience could easily become a preservation nightmare, both legally and culturally. As a society, we need to be able to see, smell, and touch significant historic sites, buildings, and landscapes that reflect our common heritage, intellectual development and sense of humanity.

SOHO's job is to make sure our historically important buildings and sites survive in great part so that San Diego's story, our story, can be told completely, without significant gaps. We need your help to be successful. If you are not a member, join today, if you are a member, get a friend to join. Our historic places matter, together we can save San Diego's endangered sites.

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