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Red Roost and Red Rest Bungalows

The objects of SOHO's longest running battle are the 1894 Red Roost and Red Rest bungalows in La Jolla. For a surprising and frustrating quarter of a century, SOHO has advocated for their preservation despite the shameful and illegal tactic of demolition by neglect being perpetrated by the owners, paired with a perplexing do-nothing approach by the City attorney's office.

The cottages have been listed on the National Register since the 1970s, but have suffered greatly for decades. As the owners deliberately delay restoration and development plans, their shockingly blatant neglect has contributed to substantial deterioration. The City of San Diego has been so-far ineffective in enforcing its Demolition by Neglect Ordinance, and SOHO is now forced to contemplate a return to legal action before the owners succeed in illegally destroying the buildings in order to proceed with an alternate plan that will adversely impact the Cove's historic setting and the ability of the La Jolla community to convey a key visual aspect of its unique past.


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