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Monument Mesa

Monument Mesa contains Friendship Park and the first border monument placed in a line of monuments stretching all the way to Texas along the U.S. - Mexico border. The Border Monument, an Italian marble obelisk, was erected in the 1850s and resurfaced in 1894. There are three time capsules at the site. Originally, of course, American and Mexican citizens could freely approach the marker from either side of the border, but in recent years the Bush administration bypassed all environmental and preservation laws, which resulted in multiple fences that now keep people away from the marker and from each other. In the past, this area was known as Friendship Park and was a meeting place where families and friends on both sides of the border came together to socialize. A target of taggers, the obelisk is fenced off on the American side, and with no way to access the site, protection from graffiti and other vandalism is impossible.

View of the fenced off border monument. Photo by Sandé Lollis


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