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Star Builders Supply Company (HRB #312)

The 1911 Star Builders Supply Company Building was historically designated in 1991 as City of San Diego Historical Landmark #312. Also known as the Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company, the pre-World War I, concrete warehouse, is built in the Edwardian Commercial style. It is an excellent example of a turn-of-the-century industrial building. Star Builders, who specialized in concrete, showcased their products with the building, which is one reason it is so striking. The reinforced concrete framed building has cast concrete blocks made to simulate quarried stone infill.

Located at the corner of West Beech Street and the railroad tracks near Kettner Boulevard, the building was ideally positioned to access the railroad. Little remains of the warehouse and industrial district in this area today, making this unique building an important connection to the historic use of this neighborhood. In 1996 the County invested considerable public funds to rehabilitate and seismically retrofit the building and change the use from a warehouse to a commercial office use. They are proposing to demolish this fine building that they have already invested so much in to construct a parking structure.

The County of San Diego, often known for their stewardship of historic sites, is failing to see their obligation on this one, as well as any visionary treatment. The creation of a parking lot is not reasonable rationale for tearing down a treasured historic building. The building can easily be incorporated into any new project and parking on the site.

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Photo by Sandé Lollis


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