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Henry B. Jones House (HRB #939)

The patient is dying a slow death. He has been refused treatment based on age, location, and diminutive size. Born in 1911 out of old growth timber, "Mr. Jones" is not an actual person in fact, but the historically designated Henry B. Jones Residence located on the grounds of Scripps Mercy Hospital.

Much to the delight of members of the Uptown community, the City of San Diego Historical Resources Board listed the two-story, shingle-sided building as Historic Resource #939 in 2009. Its designation was based on its excellent representation of the historic Craftsman Style. Despite a weathered and neglected exterior, the house is architecturally intact and retains a warm inviting original interior that is typical of its style. Many would like to see it restored and appropriately re-used by the hospital as a grieving and counseling center, but after serving as a delightful host for almost 100 years, it has been deemed obsolete by Scripps Mercy. Visible from Washington Avenue, and currently wrapped up in his hospital issue bathrobe, Mr. Jones sitting forlornly at the curb, waiting to be picked up by some generous person who will provide him with a new home and purpose, and nurse him lovingly back to health before his demise can be issued by way of a demolition permit.

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Photo by Sandé Lollis


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