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Rancho Guejito

Scenic mountaintop Rancho Guejito encompasses the least-spoiled segment of coastal California from the Mexican border to Santa Barbara. An unparalleled, undisturbed Southern California historical landscape, the 22,000-plus acres boast several early adobes, the ruins of other pioneering structures, and numerous Native American archeological remains. It is the best, last, most intact and most important example of an original Mexican land grant. 2010 is the fourth year that it has been placed on the Most Endangered List.

Despite long-stated commitments to protect the ranch, the owners have recently taken steps to begin its development. If this imminent threat goes unchallenged, the natural splendor of this vast and matchless historic resource could be supplanted by bland new planned communities with cookie-cutter style houses and ubiquitous Anywheresville, USA commercial centers.


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