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2009 Most Endangered List
of Historic Resources

To mark National Preservation Month, Save Our Heritage Organisation announces its annual list of the most endangered historic resources throughout San Diego County. SOHO, California's oldest continually operating preservation group, is now in its 40th anniversary year.

Whether located in our cities, small towns or rural areas, historic resources create a distinct sense of place and contribute to the superior quality of life enjoyed throughout the San Diego region. Every year, however, many irreplaceable sites are lost or threatened by demolition or neglect.

By raising public awareness, the Most Endangered List has played an important role in the preservation of these sites by bringing attention to the important buildings and places facing imminent threat in any given year.

If you follow the Most Endangered list, you know that the number of places on it shrinks or swells, depending on the year. But overall, the record shows that SOHO is responsible for reducing the number of major losses and increasing public awareness and action to protect our heritage.

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