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Tourist Hotel

Built in 1888, the Tourist Hotel at 1425-1431 Market Street is the last two-story wooden Victorian era Italianate style hotel in San Diego. It is listed on the local Register of Historical Resources for its historic architectural style and for having an association with the commercial development of downtown. Constructed during the great real estate boom that followed the completion of the transcontinental Santa Fe Railroad, it has served as apartments and a single room occupancy hotel ever since.

Despite the Tourist Hotel's unique local significance as the last of its building type, the Center City Development Corporation (CCDC) has approved a redevelopment plan that would see the construction of a new large-scale, mixed-used commercial and residential building on its site. As a solution to "preserving" the hotel, the plan proposes to demolish the majority of the building while physically incorporating its exterior walls into the façade of the new structure. This would be a complete abomination, and the design is clearly contrary to the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the treatment of an important historical resource. By now, CCDC has fought many battles over historic preservation and should be well-versed in the issues. CCDC should act responsibly and in good faith with policies in place to preserve downtown's irreplaceable remaining examples of historic architecture.


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