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Spreckels Mansion

A proposed, thoroughly unnecessary, façade remodel to the John D. Spreckels "Beach Cottage" Residence threatens one of Coronado's most important, most prominent and most intact historic residences. If the butchering is allowed to proceed, not only will it ruin a local architectural icon, it will set a dangerous and irreversible precedent that will open the floodgates for literally any alteration to any historic resource within the city. Aside from an early 1911 addition, the 1908 Harrison Albright-designed masterpiece at 1043 Ocean Blvd. has so far remained unaltered.

The building benefits from a property tax-saving Mills Act Contract which legally obliges the owner to preserve the home's historic integrity. Without regard for its highly acclaimed architecture, the proposed redesign will have a major visual impact on the primary elevation with numerous alterations including a large central dormer and deck addition to the spectacular character-defining broad hipped Spanish tiled roof, the addition of several new front balconies, and multiple window and door replacements. These changes do not conform to the Secretary of the Interior's Standards or honor the spirit of the Mills Act, but in an incomprehensible split 3-2 vote, the City of Coronado Historic Resource Commission approved the desecration of one of the city's most unique and irreplaceable historic resources. Their decision has been since sent to the City Council on appeal.


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