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Glider Port

This airspace used by Charles Lindbergh and other pioneers of flight, the world-renowned Torrey Pines Gliderport is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and ranks in significance alongside the Wright Brothers' Kitty Hawk airfield in North Carolina. The cliffs, compass orientation and weather patterns of Torrey Pines are unique attributes that create a superior environment for aviation activities. The Gliderport has been associated with conventional gliders and international-class hang gliding and paragliding for over seventy-five years. It has been listed by the National Soaring Museum as a National Soaring Landmark. Several national and international records have been set there.

UCSD, the owner of the property, plans to build an approximately 60 foot tall research lab within the boundaries of the designated site. The proposed building sits in the runway protection zone and approach surfaces and will put a functional end to the use of the Gliderport by glider pilots. The protection zone - clear of dangers such as buildings, objects and people, is as important to the historic use of the runway as is the historic runway itself. Although UCSD owns better parcels of land nearby, it is currently unwilling to consider a different location and to preserve the Gliderport property in a manner that is consistent with its National Register designation and with State and Federal laws.


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