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Ranch House at Warner's

A National Historic landmark built in 1857 by Vicenta Carrillo, a prominent early Californio woman rancher. The adobe building sits in the middle of a huge expanse of open space, a setting virtually unchanged from the middle of the 19th century, and is owned by the Vista Irrigation District. The adobe maintains a high degree of integrity including a great deal of its historic fabric including the original fireplace mantle, much woodwork, vigas (ceiling beams) and remains of its muslin ceiling cloths.

In 2000 after the site was first listed by SOHO as most endangered, funds were secured by an anonymous donor through the San Diego Foundation and the Vista Irrigation District matched those funds, unfortunately these funds were not sufficient to restore the landmark and it is once again in great danger of loss. Stabilization work and all of the adobe blocks have been made but $300,000.00 more is needed to complete the restoration so this landmark can be opened to the public.


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