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Qualcomm Stadium

Opened in 1967 as home to the San Diego Chargers, the site was also home to the San Diego Padres from 1969-2003. Frank L. Hope Associates were the architects. The principal designer of the stadium was Gary Allen, who spent his formative years in the office of Philip Johnson. Innovative design features included: pre-cast concrete and pre-wired light towers, dynamic spiral concrete pedestrian ramps and the world's longest exterior escalator. The form of the stadium is made up of eight concentric circles providing excellent sight lines for viewing.

San Diego Stadium is one of the few remaining mid-century designed multi-purpose stadiums left in the United States. Most pre-1970's stadiums have been demolished and replaced with private or semi-public stadiums. The stadium received an American Institute of Architects Honor award in 1969 for outstanding design. This was the first stadium to receive an award in the United States and it was also the first time an architecture firm in San Diego had received a national honor award.


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