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Presidio Park

Presidio hill is probably the most important archeological site in the State of California, if not on the entire West Coast of the Americas. It is now threatened by a City of San Diego scheme to build viewing platforms, walkways, interpretive panels, slump block kiosks, pergolas, an imitation bell tower/gateway for the El Camino Real bell, faux Craftsman light poles and a relocation of the California State landmark plaque. Not only is this the 1769 site of the first European settlement in California, still to be excavated, but the hill also includes the 1913 Serra Cross and enclosure and the 1929 cultural landscape of George Marston, which is intact. These sites are some of the most important and revered sites in San Diego. The new elements and materials that are proposed are not in any way compatible with the existing historic fabric or vocabulary of either the original Presidio or the Marston layer. Instead, the plan resembles nothing more than a rejected design for a freeway rest stop.


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