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Historic neighborhoods across San Diego County increasingly are under attack from developers, politicians, land use decision makers and even some residents. The faces, the integrity and the character of established historic residential neighborhoods such as Chula Vista, Coronado, Golden Hill, Kensington, Mission Hills, National City, North Park, Oceanside, South Park, Point Loma, University Heights, and other communities are being severely compromised by insensitive remodeling, inappropriate density, intrusive monster mansions, and other adverse changes. The displacement of traditional shops and stores and the loss of human scale in local commercial districts has spread as chain merchandisers replace historic buildings with new structures, sometimes ironically designed to recreate the very environment they have destroyed. The loss of community character is the single greatest threat to maintaining San Diego's unique sense of place that differentiates our city from all other cities in the world, defines us and gives meaning to our lives.


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