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Marrón Adobe

Built by the Marron family, this L-shaped structure is an important and rare example of early stage adobe ranch house construction. The site is threatened by a proposed interchange in the Oceanside/Carlsbad area off Freeway 78. The planned alignment would impact the whole property. This property hosts the Buena Vista Creek and El Salto Falls archaeological sites as well as the last stretch of natural open space in the area, which includes sensitive habitat. This is an important cultural landscape setting, and one of the last intact adobes in San Diego County. Direct Marron and Hayes descendants own the property. CalTrans and the Cities of Oceanside and Carlsbad need to reconsider an alternative alignment and respect this very special place. Now an additional threat has reared it head in the form of a shopping center and housing on the East side of the property enveloping the historic El Salto Falls.


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