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SS Catalina (1924)

This California Landmark is on the National Register of Historic Places and is known as the Last Great White Steamer on the Pacific Coast. Built for one million dollars by William Wrigley, the steamer elegantly carried people between the mainland and Santa Catalina Island. During WWII, she transported more troops than any other ship during the war.

Abandoned by her owners and seized by the Mexican government, she now stands in the way of a multi-million dollar marina. Partially submerged in the Ensenada harbor and listing 15 degrees to her port side, she faces dismantling.

There is a possibility that the ship may be saved at the last moment. She is scheduled to appear in the new big budget Ken Wales film "Sea of Glory" from Crusader Films as the SS Dorchester. Rumors are that Mel Gibson is considering a lead role. Timing is critical for funding.


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