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SOHO works on a wide range of preservation issues throughout San Diego County. All our advocacy efforts share a common goal: to protect and preserve the historic architectural and cultural resources of our region.

Every year, many historic properties across San Diego County are threatened by demolition or neglect. Collectively, these properties contribute to the quality of life we enjoy and shape the daily experiences of living in small towns, cities and rural areas across the county. Our historic resources paint a distinct San Diego portrait, and it is certainly no overstatement that their loss would leave large gaps in that canvas.

SOHO has for decades maintained a Most Endangered List of Historic Resources. In bringing attention to threatened buildings, sites and places it has raised awareness countywide, and resulted in many success stories. If you know of a historic resource that is threatened with demolition or excessive alteration, please let us know.

Current and past preservation issues can be found in our online editions of Our Heritage magazine, or by using the search engine. Contact us if you'd like information about an issue you do not find on our site.

Preservation Action Alerts

SOHO keeps our supporters aware of current advocacy issues and asks for help with letter-writing, attending council meetings etc. If you would like to know about these urgent issues and how you can help, join our email list for Preservation Action Alerts. We won't share your information, and you can unsubscribe at any time. To sign up now click HERE.

When you subscribe to Preservation Action Alerts you will be given the option of signing up for other SOHO emails as well. In this way you customize your experience with us and receive only the types of emails you want from SOHO.

Contact SOHO by email at or call (619) 297-9327


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